We all have good days and we all have bad days.


This sewn-together picture proves exactly what the title says.
Taken two days apart, one on the day I received the news that I was going to the college I wanted, and the other one when I heard my godmother had died.
Whenever I’m sad, I cover up the sad side of this picture – remembering how colourful life can be and that it will get better.
Then on the days I am happy, I cover up the happy side – remembering how dark life is sometimes, then thanking the universe for giving me a good day.

Be unique.

I am a girl that is attracted to other girls.

I have long brown hair, and blue eyes.

I love making lists and following a routine everyday.

I am not the most attractive and I’m not the most skinny – I’m okay with that.

Upon meeting me, you may call me weird – but I will use the word “unique“.

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I have a job!! Finally, after months and months of endless applications and aggro from my parents, I have a job. So what if it’s another fast-food place? You make the best friends (and worst enemies) there.

And granted it isn’t one of the jobs on my “top 5 occupations I want” list, but it should be. I think that everyone, just once, should experience working at a fast-food restaurant – just because they will understand the business better and learn not to yell at the waitress, or cashier, or whom ever is serving them. Continue reading